About Osteopathy


Osteopathy is a hands-on form of treatment that cares for the health of the whole person. Osteopathic treatment is based on the relationship of the structures and system of the body and the effect they have on the overall function of the person.


What to expect from a visit to the Osteopath

Osteopaths work hands-on using a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment techniques. When you visit an osteopath for the first time a full-case history will be taken and you will be given an examination.

The osteopath may need additional investigations such as x-ray,MRI scan or blood tests. This will allow a full diagnosis and suitable treatment plan to be developed for you.

Treatment may include soft tissue (massage) techniques,rythmic passive joint mobilization or high velocity thrust (HVT) techniques to improve spinal mobility and joint movement.


Garnett was formely in practice as a Complementary Health-Care Practitioner in London for 25 years,before moving to the beautiful Phuket Island of Thailand.


Apart form being a practitioner,Garnett has also presented workshops and seminars in the UK and abroad, and has served as a council member with the British and European Osteopathic Association and the Guild of Osteopaths. He has also been a visiting lecturer at the Oxford Brooks School of Osteopathy.

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